INFORMS Pro Bono Analytics Volunteer Project Submission Signup

If you are interested in helping an available project, please complete this form - we are looking for your resume and/or CV and other requirements explaining your interest, qualifications, and approach to the decision process. 

We appreciate you partnering with us as a volunteer for Pro Bono Analytics. Let us know if you have any questions.

Signup Details

  1. We will forward all submitted resumes and descriptions by interested volunteers to the nonprofit after the deadline, and they will make the selection for which candidates they would like to interview.
  2. If selected, we’ll set up a call between you, the Pro Bono Analytics Committee member who was the initial contact with the nonprofit, and the organization staff. The call will help give you a better understanding the nonprofit’s goals and better define the problem and project. You may decide to drop out after that call or continue. If you were not selected for an interview call, you will be notified via email.

  3. After conducting all of the interview calls - the nonprofit selects the volunteer(s) they would like to work with.

  4. The nonprofit organization and the volunteer(s) sign an Engagement Confirmation agreement outlining the formal steps, timeline, and deliverable's of the project.

  5. After the Engagement Confirmation agreement, the project is ready to launch, with you and the organization working and communicating directly. Pro Bono Analytics steps back from direct involvement, but we maintain contact with you and the organization to check on progress and serve as a resource.

  6. As a final step upon project completion, we ask the volunteer(s) and the organization to provide feedback on your experience via a survey and written case study about the project.